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Invisalign Sidney Ohio

Are you interested in having straighter, more aesthetically pleasing, and healthier teeth? If so, you may be a candidate for Invisalign from Dr. Van Treese, DDS in Sidney, OH.

You probably know what Invisalign is. It is a system of trays that works to correct your smile in a more sightly and comfortable way than traditional braces. Invisalign trays are worn successively over a period of time to slowly shift your teeth and correct the imperfections in your smile. 

Invisalign Sidney Ohio

Invisalign offers many advantages over traditional braces. These advantages include, but are not limited to, the following:

Trays that are removable

As you could probably guess, traditional braces are in your mouth every hour of every day until your treatment is complete. This means that they limit what you can eat and drink. After all, you don’t want to eat something that will break your wires or brackets, or affect their ability to work properly. With Invisalign, you can simply take your trays out when you go to eat, eat whatever you want, and then replace your trays afterward. Dr. Van Treese strongly recommends brushing thoroughly after meals, if possible. 

More comfortable than braces 

Traditional braces fill your mouth with rubber bands, brackets, and wires. All of these things can poke and bother your cheeks, lips, and mouth. Invisalign does not require any metal and bands to be placed in your mouth, just a tray that is molded to fit over your teeth. 

Less noticeable during every day life

This advantage is especially important to adults who want straighter teeth. Invisalign trays are translucent and are very hard to see during every day life. This means that, as you go about your day, people will hardly be able to tell, if at all, that you are wearing an Invisalign tray. Sadly, the same cannot be said about traditional braces!

Improves your ability to maintain good oral hygiene

Think about everything that is put into your mouth when you receive traditional braces. Wires, bands, brackets, and more. What do all of these things do? They make it much more difficult to brush and floss your teeth in the correct manner. Additionally, these objects offer germs and bacteria a place to harbor and build up on your teeth. This could be bad news for you, as these germs and bacteria may start causing oral health issues.   

Do you have an interest in receiving Invisalign treatment?

If you are interested in Invisalign, you should know that treatment is not as expensive as many people make it out to be. Typically, Invisalign treatment will not be much more expensive, if more expensive at all, than traditional braces. 

If you have any additional questions, or would like to receive a consultation, feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Van Treese. 

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapidly growing part of the dental industry. Cosmetic dentistry is geared towards creating positive enhancements to the appearance of your smile and boosting your self-esteem. In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, these procedures should also improve the overall health, wellness, and functionality of your smile. The most commonly requested cosmetic procedure is whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth whitening is the process of lightening the shade of your teeth over a period of time. As we age, our teeth naturally become discolored and are no longer pearly white. Common causes of discoloration include:

  • Age: As we grow older, our enamel breaks down and exposes more of our dentin, which gives our teeth a darker, more yellow appearance.
  • Food and Beverages: Popular beverage choices like coffee and tea contain acid and dark pigments. These pigments remain on our teeth in microscopic ridges. Foods that contain food coloring can also stain your teeth. Remember, if it would stain a white shirt, it will probably stain your teeth.
  • Tobacco Products: Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products alike can cause an increase in plaque and tartar build up, which, in turn, lead to tooth discoloration.
  • Medicines: Many medications that we are required to take, especially as we age, commonly cause discoloration.
  • Trauma: If you tooth gets hit, or is injured, it can become discolored.

Understanding the cause of your tooth discoloration is imperative in determining your treatment plan. The reason for this, is that certain causes will not respond to teeth whitening products and will require a different approach. As an example, if your teeth are discolored due to trauma or the medications you take, they will not respond to a whitening product that contains a bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide. In addition to medications and trauma, any fillings, bondings, crowns, or bridges will not respond to a bleaching agent.

In our next blog article, Dr. Van Treese in Sidney, OH will discuss different types of teeth whitening options that are available in the market place.


In our last blog post, Dr. Van Treese in Sidney, OH shared some vital information about dentures. Dr. Van Treese discussed what types of dentures are available as well as who might be a candidate for dentures. If you are in need of dentures, and believe you are a candidate, below is some information about the procedure you might want to know.Dentures

The total duration of receiving dentures will usually last several weeks and will require a few visits. Below is an outline of what you can expect:

– First, Dr. Van Treese will take an impression of your teeth and mouth. These impressions will be used to accurately manufacture your custom-made denture.
– Next, you will be required to attend some visits to make sure the denture is going to be a good fit.
– If you need to have teeth extracted, they will be removed at this time.
– Dr. Van Treese will place a temporary denture for your comfort until your custom-made denture is complete.
– Finally, after your custom-made denture is ready, your temporary denture will be removed and your permanent denture will be placed.

After your procedure is complete, you may experience at increase in salivary flow, some tenderness throughout your mouth, and trouble eating and talking. Luckily, these side effects are nothing serious and will subside after you get used to your new dentures.

Interested in receiving dentures? Dr. Van Treese is always welcoming new patients. Contact us today to set up your visit!

Dentures Sidney Dentist

Dentures are a popular replacement for missing teeth. Dentures are a removable dental appliance that are customized for your comfort and needs. Made to look like your natural teeth, dentures are an excellent cosmetic or functional replacement if you have lost all, or some of your teeth. Some reasons your teeth loosen or fall out can be found here.

When considering dentures, it is important to think about the different options available. These options are outlined below:Dentures Sidney Dentist

Partial denture – A partial denture is used in situations where some of your real teeth can be saved, and your jawbone can be preserved. A partial denture fits over your remaining teeth and use the gums, jawbone, and remaining teeth as support.

Conventional (complete) – In the case that you do not have any teeth remaining, or your teeth are not healthy enough to restore and need to be removed, a conventional denture may be utilized. A conventional denture is custom-made and will be placed after your gums and tissues have healed. Sometimes this process can take several months to complete.

Immediate (complete) – Like conventional dentures, immediate dentures are used in cases where the patient has no remaining healthy teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, immediate dentures are placed the same day as teeth are removed. You do not have to spend any time without teeth. However, there are many alterations and changes that may need to occur as your gums and tissues heal.

Overdentures (complete or partial) – Designed for either complete or partial dentures, overdentures replace some or all of your teeth and are connected to dental implants. Overdentures replace the need for denture adhesives.

Due to the durable material that dentures are made of, they will last for many years if properly maintained. However, over the course of time, they may need to be altered or restored in order to fix damage from normal wear and tear.

Candidates for dentures include:

– People who have lost all, or many, teeth within their smile.
– People who want to improve the cosmetics and functionality of their teeth and smile.
– People who want to ease the process of talking, chewing, eating, or digesting their food.

If you have an interest in receiving dentures, Dr. Van Treese will discuss the process of receiving dentures in his next blog article. If you are in the Sidney, OH area and would like to schedule an appointment, or learn more about dentures, feel free to contact us at 937-492-6984.

Not everyone has perfect teeth – but almost everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, with great looking teeth. Thankfully, there is good news for people who have unhealthy or unsightly teeth! Dental implants. Dental implants give almost everyone an opportunity to have a flawless smile. Below, is information from Dr. Van Treese in Sidney, OH to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.Dental Implants Sidney

The following are some groups of people who may not qualify for dental implants:

– People with inadequate gum or jaw bone.

– Women who are pregnant.

– People who have not stopped growing.

– Heavy smokers.

– People who suffer from medical conditions like diabetes, immune deficiencies, hemophilia, and more.

Typically, implant therapy will require the work of both a dentist and periodontist. The surgery itself will require an oral surgeon, like a periodontist. Initially, your dentist will take x-rays and determine if you are a candidate for implants. This examination will include the looking at the condition of your jaw bone, gums, nerves, sinuses, and more. After this has occurred, your dentist will determine the best course of action.

Receiving your implants is just the first step in your process. Once your screws have been placed, you will need 4 to 6 weeks to heal. After you have healed, and underwent a checkup, your new teeth will be placed on your implants. After your new teeth are placed, it is imperative to keep healthy oral hygiene habits that include brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

If you are in the Sidney, OH area and would like additional information on dental implants please contact Dr. Van Treese at his office at 937-492-6984.

Dental Implants Sidney Ohio

Do you want to have a beautiful smile full of healthy teeth? Most people do, but think it is out of reach due to their teeth having too much damage. However, dental implants make it possible for anyone to have a beautiful smile full of healthy teeth.

If you are interested in receiving dental implants Dr. Van Treese wants you to know some important information. First, in order to receive dental implants you need to have gum and jaw bone that are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. If your new teeth cannot be properly anchored to your bone under your gum line you may not be a candidate for implants. If you think this is true for you please contact Dr. Van Treese to receive a consultation.Dental Implants Sidney Ohio

Next, Dr, Van Treese wants you to know that you have two options when it comes to dental implants. Endosteal, implants that go into the bone, and Subperiosteal, implants that go onto the bone.

Endosteal – Utilizes screws or blades and are secured into your jaw bone. These screws then anchor several teeth in place.

Subperiosteal – Are utilized for patients who have an insufficient amount of bone density for endosteal. Subperiosteal utilizes metal wire and your existing gum to fasten your dentures new teeth in place.

Another thing to consider regarding dental implants is that it usually requires the work of both a dentist and periodontist. The following is an outline of steps in order to successfully receive dental implants.

Tooth replacement – A dental crown or other type of restoration may be utilized to strengthen an existing tooth or teeth in order for it to be able to support an implant, bridge, or denture.

Sinus Augmentation – A sinus augmentation maximizes your bone mass by lifting the floor of your sinus.

Ridge Modification – Your gum line needs to be lifted in certain cases. It may need to happen to develop your jaw bone or to utilize the bone substitute which will help your implants last longer.

Dr. Van Treese suggests to maintain regular checkups in order to keep your mouth healthy. If you see Dr. Van Treese regularly and take good care of your mouth at home your implants should remain healthy.

If you are considering dental implants and are in the Sidney, OH area please contact Dr. Van Treese today at 937-492-6984.

Many of us don’t like the look of our teeth, whether it be the shape, the length or we may have damage such as cracking and chipping. There are ways to change the look of your teeth and here are a few options.

Dental re-contouring is a procedure also referred to as stripping, slenderizing, odontoplasty and enameloplasty.

Make your smile even more  beautiful with the help of Dr. Van Treese and cosmetic denistry.

Make your smile even more beautiful with the expertise of Dr. Van Treese and cosmetic dentistry.

This is where the dentist scrapes off small amounts of tooth enamel to change the shape of your teeth. Dental crowns are also a option when you have a cracked or damaged tooth. The crown or cap is placed directly over the tooth down to the gum line. Dental veneers or dental porcelain laminate can also be used over a damaged tooth. A veneer is a tooth-colored, wafer thin material that is bonded to the front of the tooth.

Another option to choose to mend a crack or chip is dental bonding. This is accomplished by the application of a durable resin that is placed on the surface of your tooth and becomes bonded with a special light.

With all of these options the best thing to do would be to call Dr. Van Treese at his Sidney, OH dental office to discuss your needs further.