Causes of Dry Mouth

At Jeffery R. Van Treese, D.D.S in Sidney, OH, we know that your oral health and wellness is vital to your general wellness. Problems such as dry mouth might be the effects of bigger health matters. It is important to recognize what triggers this problem so it can be cared for effectively.
What Causes Dry Mouth?
Dry mouth is the outcome of reduced or inadequate salivary flow, but what causes this to happen? The typical sources for inadequate salivary flow are medications, anemia, diabetes, chemotherapy, nerve damage, dehydration, smoking, caffeine intake and various other ailments and diseases.
Any one of the mentioned above discussed triggers can cause dry mouth however making use of medication is first. Listed below is a list of the varieties of pharmaceuticals that can promote the problem.Dry Mout hCauses Sidney OH
– Allergy medicines (antihistamines-allergies could be hard to get away from in Sidney).
– Antidepressants.
– Pain reliever.
– Blood Pressure medications.
– Decongestants.
Anemia, diabetes, nerve damage and also other diseases or infections might also cause low salivary production. For a number of people that are receiving dental medications, this could contribute to dry mouth and also tooth decay.
Stay tuned for Part 3 of our blog series on Dry Mouth where our team will go over treatment ideas to lessen symptoms and find relief.
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