Are you thirsty all the time? Do you have troubles when eating certain kinds of food? Is your saliva thick or foamy? If you replied yes to any one of these, you could be one of the millions of people that struggles with dry mouth.
Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, impacts more than one in four Americans, thus you are not by yourself if you experience this common condition. It is necessary to all of us at Jeffery R. Van Treese, D.D.S., that the teeth and gums of people near Sidney, OH are always at their healthiest. This information will get you started on what dry mouth is and also why addressing this disorder is vital to your dental health and wellness.
Precisely what is dry mouth?
The common explanation is: a lack of or very poor salivary flow. Saliva aids people in countless ways. It contributes in the digestive process, it stops tooth decay, it keeps our mouths lubed for healthy soft tissue and assists people in combating contamination. This is a critical component of the wellness of our oral health and an absence of it could be damaging.
The reason that this is an issue?
Saliva production is imperative when it comes to the maintenance of healthy teeth, gums and digestion. Whenever we aren’t making enough the effects can be annoying and even at times dangerous. Dry mouth has been linked to disorders from gum disease to having diabetes. It is necessary to know the indicators, causes and remedies for dry mouth.
Remain tuned to our blog for Part 2 on Dry Mouth where we will review several of the causes.
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