Should a regular toothbrush be used for the necessary amount of time, along with using proper tooth-brushing technique, it will perform just as well as a powered toothbrush.
This being said, who could benefit from an electric toothbrush? Almost any mother would acknowledge that their son or daughter has lower than ideal brushing practices. Children can be fascinated by powered toothbrushes, like this Colgate Dora the Explorer toothbrush, which might help kids want to brush their teeth more and even to brush much longer. Another good example are individuals who have issmanual electric toothbrush dentist Sidney OHues such as, coordination, arthritis, orthodontic brackets, periodontal disease, etc. These problems may hinder them from totally eliminating plaque even if they do brush for the suggested time. While every person does not have to have a powered toothbrush, clearly, in some circumstances they can be of great use.
Even the American Dental Association (ADA) has something to say about electric vs. regular toothbrushes. The group says manual toothbrushes can be equally as effective as powered toothbrushes. But really, the key to preventing cavities hinges on the way in which a toothbrush– manual or electric — is put to use.
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