Many of us don’t like the look of our teeth, whether it be the shape, the length or we may have damage such as cracking and chipping. There are ways to change the look of your teeth and here are a few options.

Dental re-contouring is a procedure also referred to as stripping, slenderizing, odontoplasty and enameloplasty.

Make your smile even more beautiful with the help of Dr. Van Treese and cosmetic denistry.
Make your smile even more beautiful with the expertise of Dr. Van Treese and cosmetic dentistry.

This is where the dentist scrapes off small amounts of tooth enamel to change the shape of your teeth. Dental crowns are also a option when you have a cracked or damaged tooth. The crown or cap is placed directly over the tooth down to the gum line. Dental veneers or dental porcelain laminate can also be used over a damaged tooth. A veneer is a tooth-colored, wafer thin material that is bonded to the front of the tooth.

Another option to choose to mend a crack or chip is dental bonding. This is accomplished by the application of a durable resin that is placed on the surface of your tooth and becomes bonded with a special light.

With all of these options the best thing to do would be to call Dr. Van Treese at his Sidney, OH dental office to discuss your needs further.