As a dentist, I understand how important it is for the people of Shelby County to have the best possible oral health. Sometimes a simple dental check-up does not identify certain problems with your teeth such as impacted molars or TMJ disorders. This is where dental X-Rays are useful.
Since we are so dedicated to making sure the people of Sidney have access to top notch dental care with state-of-the-art technology, our office has recently invested in a new Panoramic X-Ray machine and cephalometric machine Panoramic X-Rays are a specific type of Extraoral X-Ray that is able to show the upper and lower jaw areas in a single X-Ray.
Along with detecting impactions, Panoramic X-Rays can also assist in screening for oral disease as well as tooth growth among children. During your next appointment, ask about setting up a dental X-Ray today. For more information on Dental X-Rays, head over to