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    Comfort Cleaning

    Cleanings at your regular dental exams are a crucial way to keep your oral health and hygiene on track. We offer comfort cleanings because we are committed to making you as comfortable as possible during your visits.

    Dental cleanings are a crucial part of your dental care treatment. To keep your visit pleasant, we offer comfort cleanings.

    What are dental cleanings?

    It is recommended that you come in for a dental cleaning every six months. During these visits, we perform a cleaning of your teeth and gums and complete a thorough exam of your mouth. Dental cleanings can help us find cavities early, preserve your teeth, and keep up your overall health. During a dental cleaning, we will get rid of plaque that naturally builds up on your teeth. We will also floss between each of your teeth, and check your gums for early-stage gum disease.

    What are comfort cleanings?

    We understand that getting plaque scraped off your teeth can sound unpleasant and even a little scary. This is why we use our Comfort Cleaning machine. A gentle water spray rinses bacteria and removes plaque from your teeth. This technology allows us to clean your teeth without using harsh scraping tools. Our patients have had overwhelmingly positive feedback and many describe the experience as the best dental cleaning that they have ever had.

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