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    Occlusal Disease Treatment

    Occlusal disease occurs when your teeth are misaligned, resulting in wear and tear on the bones and joints that make up your mouth. Early treatment for this condition is key and can help save your mouth from serious damage.

    Occlusal disease occurs when your teeth are misaligned and can cause damage to your teeth, jaw muscles, and joints. Occlusal disease is also known as malocclusion and can be a serious dental health problem. This condition is very common and it is important to catch it early to treat it successfully.

    What are the symptoms of occlusal disease?

    There are many common signs of occlusal disease. Tooth enamel that has been excessively worn down or damaged, cracked and broken teeth, teeth that are overly sensitive to temperature, gum recession, bone deterioration, teeth loss, muscle pain, and symptoms related to TMJ are all signs that you may be suffering from occlusal disease.

    How is occlusal disease diagnosed?

    One of the hardest parts about occlusal disease is that patients don’t recognize it until it is in its advanced stages. Our team can catch occlusal disease early and recommend treatments that will prevent permanent damage from occurring. To receive a definitive diagnosis of occlusal disease, it is important to come see us. If left untreated, your teeth can begin to wear away prematurely, and your muscles and jaw will suffer.

    How is occlusal disease treated?

    The key to successfully treating occlusal disease is to catch the condition early, which is why we search for signs of occlusal disease at your regular dental appointment. The longer you wait to treat the condition, the more damage will accumulate. Treatment for occlusal disease will vary depending on the state of your jaw. For mild cases, a splint or mouth guard can be used to correct occlusal disease. In more serious cases, reshaping of the teeth, restoring worn down or damaged teeth, and orthodontics are all part of the treatment process.

    Occlusal disease is serious and can lead to tooth loss and other painful dental problems. If you believe that you are suffering from occlusal disease, or simply want to be evaluated, contact our office at (937)-284-4500 today. We will be able to give you a diagnosis and construct a treatment plan to help get your bite back to its functioning, healthy self in no time.

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