In the final post in the series, Dr. Van Treese discusses factors that are likely to cause tooth sensitivity. Such causes include, but are not limited to:

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many factors. Your dentist can help.
Many factors contribute to tooth sensitivity. Dr. Van Treese can help.

Over-brushing or aggressive brushing.  If you brush too forcefully, with a side-to-side technique, or with too hard a brush, the tooth’s enamel may be thinned and the area around the gum-line will most often be affected.

Gum recession or gum disease.  This can occur naturally over time, as the gums shrink back and expose a root that is not protected by enamel.

Poor oral hygiene.  Poor oral hygiene can lead to cavities as well plaque and tartar build-up, resulting in gum recession.

Grinding.  Grinding the teeth may also cause ‘aching’ teeth, due to constant pressure on them. Similar to erosion, regular teeth grinding (also called bruxism) can wear away the enamel by physically grinding it away.  

Medical conditions.   Bulimia and acid reflux (GERD) can cause acid to collect in the mouth and erode enamel, resulting in sensitive teeth.

Acidic food. Regular consumption of food with high acid content, such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, pickles, and tea, can cause enamel erosion.

Teeth whitening.  Tooth sensitivity is one of the common side effects of teeth whitening. Although it usually clears up after the whitening procedure has ended, there are things you can do to alleviate discomfort. Sometimes that means slowing down the whitening process, or being proactive with preventive steps before teeth whitening.

Bad habits.  Using your teeth as tools, or constantly chewing on objects such as pens, can wear away tooth enamel as well.

Teeth can become sensitive for many different reasons ranging from trauma to dental disease. The first step in treating sensitive teeth is to determine the cause.  At Dr. Jeffery R. Van Treese’s dental office in Sidney, Ohio, we will examine the teeth, determine the cause, and do what we can to get you feeling well again!

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