My main priority is to provide the best possible dental care for the people of Sidney and all surrounding areas. Along with providing excellent care, I make it my priority to educate my patients so they can better understand the dangers of things like gum disease.
Gum Disease, also known as Periodontal Disease, can be very damaging to both your mouth as well as the rest of your body. Many are aware of the dangers of Periodontal Disease but not many know why it is so threatening. The most common forms of Gum Disease: Periodontitis (gingivitis plus bone loss around the teeth) and Gingivitis (red, bleeding and/or puffy gums) are caused by an accumulation of plaque and tartar around your teeth. Plaque and tartar contain bacteria that release toxins which irritate your gums. These toxins cause inflammatory responses in the body, which leads the body to, in essence, attack itself. This causes the gums to separate from the teeth and bone and form pockets that can become easily infected by the bacteria in your mouth. This can cause the bone structure of your mouth to deteriorate. If not treated, the pockets between your gums caused by this condition can grow larger, important gum tissue and bone is destroyed, and the condition can lead to tooth loss.
The best defense against gum disease is prevention and early detection, and of course, treatment to arrest the disease process when it occurs. Give our office a call to get an oral cancer screening. For more information on how to prevent gum disease, visit the American Academy of Periodontology or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.